Contemporary African Artist ife ka Terry
Artist Ife'ka Terry
My name is Ife’ka Terry. I live in Nigeria where I started my career making portraits. Over the years I have come to be known for my drawings, paintings, and collages.

I have been drawing from an early age but, when I was 12 years old, my father introduced me to a man I only know as ‘Old Ohaness’ (a Master draftsman) who showed me a few ways to improve my drawings. That was how I acquired the basic skills I have in drawing. I later developed my skills through practice. My trademark watercolour and collage are both self taught.

I have come up with a new and unique style or technique in making my paintings. I currently don’t know of anyone in the world that paints in that manner.

Even though I was not a full-time artist, I owned an art studio called Tugi’s. In 2008, some of my trademark paintings were on display at the National Gallery of Art (NGA) part of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Bauchi, Nigeria.

I was a member of the Society of Nigerian Artist (SNA) which organises some major exhibitions both within and outside Africa.

Locally, (where I live) people are more interested in portraits of themselves than any other type of art. I make a lot of personalized portraits and my client list ranges from University Student to Army General.

Why Am I An Artist?

It is like a fulfillment of a fantasy (or the realisation of destiny) when I make an artwork from scratch (from a reference, imagination or inspiration). My heart is filled with joy as you would feel if you get a happy news that you’ve been anxious to hear. So I am an endorphin ‘addict’ and, art gives me the ‘quick fix’ my soul needs (a healthy addiction that enables me to spend countless hours and days just to produce a pleasant artwork). I also get this positive energy when I make portraits too. Art is my passion. That is why I make and love them!

Brand Tugis

Tugis are the initials of my names; Terry-U-G-Ifeakachuckwu. I have been answering Tugi’s as a nickname from my high-school years and usually sign most of my artworks “Tugi’s”. It is my signature.

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