Relieved to get the AdSense verification PIN (via postal mail)

Relieved to get the AdSense verification PIN (via postal mail)

I feel excited that I finally got the verification PIN for my AdSense account. I first applied 5 months ago and even lost the privilege of having my ad unit displaying (for taking too long to verify my PIN/address). I was demonetized (which was discouraging, and left me with stressful negative thoughts).
It was finally delivered to me by mail.

My first application was submitted October 2020 (last year). By 
February 2021, I was demonetized. On February 6th, I requested they resend the PIN to my address. By 25th February, it was delivered to my address in Nigeria. It seems to have been mailed from France (even though Google is an American company with a worldwide influence and use).

Evidentially, their is the global pandemic, people don't travel a lot due to the lockdown and countries closing their borders in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus, (so naturally there are very few airline flights from USA to Nigeria. Which means mails from overseas are understandably going to be extremely slow).

I spent my whole time at work manually turning on the monetization setting of all 500+ videos on my channel.

I feel very happy to be able to display ads. especially on my YouTube Channel. It's like a trophy channel because I think it is difficult to join the YouTube YPP (I am personally proud of the 'achievement'. It is not easy that's why). I failed to accomplish this for 12 years.

Delivered Google AdSense verification PIN (by Nigeria Postal Service).